Funny Book Splatter

011: Fabian Rangel Jr

April 14, 2017

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Fabian Rangel Jr, the writer of Doc Unknown, Namwolf, Space Riders, and Blood Brothers.  These are some exciting times for Fabian. Doc Unknown will be collected in a new hardcover from Dark Horse Comics this July.  Namwolf starts up on April 19th from Albatross Funnybooks.   Dynamite Entertainment will be serializing Blood Brothers beginning in June. And RIGHT NOW! You can go to your local comic book shop and pick up the first issue of Space Riders Volume 2 from Black Mask Studios.  If you haven’t checked out his work yet, you will have ample opportunity to do so in the coming months.  It is something I highly recommend.  

Fabian can be found online on Twitter.

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