Funny Book Splatter

013: Ryan K. Lindsay

April 28, 2017

This week I’ve got a real treat for you.  I had an awesome conversation with Ryan K. Lindsay, the writer of Deer Editor, Headspace, Negative Space, Chum, and the upcoming Beautiful Canvas from Black Mask Studios.  The first issue is set for release in June and it’s currently available for pre-order.  Trust me on this.  You’re going to want to pre-order this book.  It follows Lon Eisley, a hitwoman hired to kill a small child after finding out her girlfriend is pregnant.  Yeah, that’s awkward.  It goes into some crazy and bloody places and it’s well worth checking out.  Sami Kivela drew the hell out of this comic.  He’s a long time collaborator with Ryan and it’s clear they enjoy working together.  

Ryan also sends out a weekly newsletter that chronicles his journey in the comic book industry.  If you are even remotely interested in making comics, it is a must read.

Ryan can be found online at his official website and on Twitter.  The Beautiful Canvas podcast can be found here.  Download the Beautiful Canvas ashcan here

Also, a quick plug for my other podcast, Raging Nerdon with BJ Boothe. Episode 45: There Are Not Butts in America, just dropped where we gush over The Fate of the Furious while BJ’s girlfriend looks on in disdain.  Check it out whereever you get your podcasts.  

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