Funny Book Splatter

015: Jason Ciaramella

May 12, 2017

We’ve got something a little different for you this week with guest Jason Ciaramella, the writer of the children’s book C is for Cthulhu from ComixTribe.  I’ve been following this brand for some time as I have two little monsters of my own at home and they absolutely love it.  Jason and artist Greg Murphy started out with an ABC book featuring adorable versions of H.P. Lovecraft’s creations.  Since then, they’ve ran a number of successful Kickstarter campaigns for plush toys, coloring books, and now a bedtime story called Sweet Dreams Cthulhu.  At this time, the campaign is not only fully funded, but it’s plowing through stretch goals at an incredible pace.  I am a backer myself and I’m anxiously awaiting getting my hands on the book and sharing it with my kids as it’s a great way to continue their journey into the horror genre.  

Check out the Sweet Dreams Cthulhu Kickstarter here.  Jason can be found online on Twitter

In other news, me and my Raging Nerdon co-host BJ Boothe just released our commentary track for the hit animated film, Bee Movie as episode 47.  I’m sure the public has been clamoring for more Bee Movie talk.  We recorded the episode with special guest, Guillermo del Toro who was the original writer and director of the film. Spoiler alert: That’s not really true and del Toro wasn’t really there, but BJ does do an imitation of him for at least half the episode.  Please don’t sue us.  

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