Funny Book Splatter

023: Michael Kogge

July 7, 2017

This week’s guest is Michael Kogge, the writer of Empire of the Wolf from Alterna Comics.  The series dives into some historical horror with werewolves in ancient Rome.  If that’s not enough to peak your interests, I don’t know what will.  Michael and I had a fun chat about the research for a book like this as well as some classic horror comics that I have to do some digging to find.  

Michael can be found online at his official site and on Twitter.  More information about Empire of the Wolf can be found on

I know I usually plug my other, non-horror podcast, Raging Nerdon here.  You should definitely still check that out, especially since I tell a hilarious, yet incredibly embarrassing story on the next episode.  I want to give a quick plug for, a pop culture site that I recently started contributing to.  It’s a fun site covering just about everything geek related so please give it a look-see.  I’ve been stretching some different muscles over there reviewing some super hero comics for the first time in ages.  

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