Funny Book Splatter

024: Michael May & Jason Copland

July 14, 2017

We’ve got a two-for-one special this week as my guests are Michael May and Jason Copland, the creative team behind Kill All Monsters!  This is a super fun comic where giant monsters have ravaged the world and a handful of pilots are trying to fight back the tide with huge robots.  It is as awesome as it sounds.  Kill All Monsters! started as a webcomic, then after a successful Kickstarter to collect the first volume, Dark Horse Comics picked it up and will be releasing the first omnibus on July 19th.  It contains some never before seen content and a special story just for the collection.  This is a massive tome of a collection, clocking in at over 350 pages.  It is definitely worth checking out.  I had a blast speaking with Michael and Jason.  You can be sure we talked about favorite monster movies as well as collaborative process, how the book came together, and much more.

Michael can be found online on his official site and Twitter.  Jason can be found online on Twitter and Patreon.

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