Funny Book Splatter

025: Ben Kahn

July 21, 2017

This week’s guest is writer Ben Kahn.  I was first exposed to his work through the stellar graphic novel Shaman, now available through ComiXology.  Ben’s latest work is Heavenly Blues, debuting on July 26th from Scout Comics.  It has one of the best premises in recent memory.  It’s Ocean’s Hell.  If that doesn’t catch your attention, nothing will.  Heavenly Blues works with a very unique view of the underworld that I haven’t seen before.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first two issues and it’s definitely worth your attention.  Be sure you ask for it at your local comic shop.  

Ben can found online on Twitter (@BenTheKhan) and his official site,  Be sure to check out his work on Facebook too, at

In other news, since this is episode #25, I think it’s time for a little celebration.  In comics, issue #25 would be considered a special event.  You might get a double-sized issue.  Maybe a lenticular cover.  Definitely collector’s item material.  So to celebrate this monumental occasion, I’m holding a contest.  While writing for HorrorTalk over the years, I’ve picked up a bunch of stuff that I’m not quite sure what to do with.  Now, I’m going to put them in a box and send it to one of you.  You’ll help me clean out my office and get a bunch of cool horror comic stuff in the process.  The box will be a grabbag of sorts with at least one graphic novel, some comics, prints, buttons, and other assorted items, all related to horror comics.  If you want to enter to win the prize pack, head over to the page for this episode at HorrorTalk.  It can be found at  You’ll see a Rafflecopter there with all the details.  

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