Funny Book Splatter

026: Stephan Franck

August 4, 2017

After our brief interlude last week, which I hope you enjoyed, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.  This week’s guest is writer / artist / animator, Stephan Franck.  His comic series, Silver, is currently completing its third volume and is being funded on Kickstarter.  The book follows a group of thieves as they plan and commit a heist at Dracula’s castle.  Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.  

Stephan has a real passion for his work and it shows in how he speaks about the project.  The Silver: Volume 3 Kickstarter campaign has grown and evolved and now includes an entirely separate stand alone graphic novel called Rosalynd, in addition to the rest of the books.  If you want to get a piece of this project, you’ll have to act fast as the campaign ends on August 10th.  I have backed the project myself.  You can pick up the previous volumes of Silver through the campaign too.  

Stephan and Silver can be found online at

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