Funny Book Splatter

028: Jim Zub

August 18, 2017

This week I check another name off of my Funny Book Splatter guest wishlist with writer Jim Zub.  Jim’s work includes Wayward and Glitterbomb, both from Image Comics, as well as Skullkickers, Disney’s Figment, Thunderbolts, and more.  This is the third time I’ve spoken to Jim and he’s just as genuine and enthusiastic as ever.  Listening to him speak about comics and storytelling is nothing short of inspiring.

His horror series, Glitterbomb, returns on September 20th, with a new mini-series called The Fame Game.  The comic is a Hollywood horror series that takes a harsh look at our love and obsession with fame.  Plus, there are terrifying monsters.  It’s the second part of a planned trilogy and it’s structured so that anyone can jump in even if you haven’t read the first series.  But seriously, you should read the original mini-series.  I mean, it was described as “The Exorcist meets Sunset Boulevard.” How cool is that? It’s out in trade paperback now and it’s well worth your time.  

Also out on September 20th, is Wayward #23, the next chapter in the series that began as “Buffy in Japan” and has since expanded into much more.  It’s a great supernatural fantasy adventure series that has been consistently well made from the jump.  You can catch up on Wayward through trade paperbacks or some gorgeous hardcovers.  You’ll want to do that as the comic is currently in development with Manga Entertainment to be turned into a TV show.

Jim can be found online at his official site, and through Twitter @JimZub.

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