Funny Book Splatter

029: Eastin DeVerna & Ryan Davidson

August 25, 2017

This week my guests are Eastin DeVerna and Ryan Davidson, the writers of Howl, a werewolf comic with an amazing premise.  The series is essentially a zombie apocalypse...but with werewolves.  It follows Jack Lowe, the only human in a world where everyone turns into a werewolf during the full moon.  Even his wife!

The comic is illustrated by Dan Buksa, who has delivered some of the best designs for these monsters I’ve seen in years.  It’s real scary stuff that’s amplified by the fact that Jack is the only human around.

Howl began on Kickstarter and the first three issues have been released.  The creators are planning on running another Kickstarter to finish the series in a graphic novel.  You can order the first three issues in print or digital format through  Digital copies can also be ordered on ComiXology.

Eastin can be found on Twitter @EastinDeVerna and Ryan can be found on Twitter @RyanGTDavidson.

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