Funny Book Splatter

041: Tim Seeley & Stephen Molnar

November 17, 2017

I’ve got a twofer for you this week as my guests are Tim Seeley and Stephen Molnar, the creative team behind Imaginary Fiends, debuting on November 22nd from Vertigo.  The comic follows a young woman named Melba who has been in a juvenile detention center for the past six years after brutally murdering her friend.  It turns out she did this because her imaginary friend told her to.  This gets her recruited by a mysterious group within the FBI to handle these Interdimensional Mental Parasites.  The premise of Imaginary Fiends is top notch and it quickly establishes a world of endless storytelling possibilities.  Plus, it’s creepy as Hell.

Tim can be found online on Twitter @HackinTimSeeley.  Stephen doesn’t do social media.

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