Funny Book Splatter

056: Josh Finney

March 2, 2018

This week’s guest is Josh Finney, the writer of Casefile: Arkham.  If that title sounds familiar, it might be because I’ve previously spoken with Patrick McEvoy, the artist of the series way back in episode 20.  Casefile: Arkham is a series of original graphic novels blending Lovecraftian monsters with pulp detective stories.  The second, Her Blood Runs Cold, is set for release on March 5th.  I’ve read and reviewed both of them after backing the Kickstarter campaigns and really dug them.

Josh definitely knows his stuff and shows a deep knowledge of horror and the detective genre.  He did his homework for this project and it shows.  I hope to see more stories in this world soon.  Josh can be found online at his official site

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