072: Nick Keller, Conor Nolan & Kelly Fitzpatrick

June 22, 2018

This week, for the first time, I’ve got three guests on the show.  I spoke with Nick Keller, Conor Nolan, and Kelly Fitzpatrick, the writer, artist, and colorist (respectively) of Bedtime Games.  This is an awesome new horror series from Dark Horse Comics set to debut on Wednesday, June 27th. It has a definite Stephen King vibe to it too as the comic follows three kids who head into a tunnel looking for mischief and end up uncovering a horrifying monster.  

Nick can be found at his official website, NickFKeller.com and on Twitter @NickFKeller. Conor can be found at his official website, ConorNolan.com and on Twitter @conor_draws. Kelly can be found on Twitter @wastedwings.  You can follow Kelly’s dog on Instagram at @bostonboyarchie and Conor’s dog at @mayorofpuppytown.

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Music by Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)