Funny Book Splatter

096: Mark London

August 1, 2019

This week’s guest is Mark London, the CEO and CCO of Mad Cave Studios as well as the writer of Wolvenheart, an upcoming victorian time travel thriller.  This was an awesome chat because Mark has a multi-layered perspective of the comic book industry. On one side, he’s a creator and on the other, he’s running a business.  I also picked his brain about the Mad Cave talent search where he’s looking for new, up-and-coming writers and artists to work on some of the Mad Cave titles.

Wolvenheart is set to debut on October 30th.  I’ve gotten a look at the first issue and it’s pretty cool.  It’s full of monsters, time travel, and a bit of steam punk. Definitely worth checking out.  

Mark can be found on Twitter as @MarkLondonMCS.  You can learn more about Mad Cave Studios as the official website,

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