Funny Book Splatter

Interlude 001: If You Watch This, I’ll Read That Pilot

July 28, 2017

Due to some scheduling issues, I actually don’t have a guest this week.  Don’t worry, I’ve prepared for this and no, I’m not going to sit here and talk to myself for an hour.  Who am I?  Kevin Smith?  

Anyway, I’ve got a treat for you this week.  It is not widely known, but Funny Book Splatter is actually the second podcast I’ve hosted at HorrorTalk.  The first has never seen the light of day...until now.  This podcast was called “If You Watch This, I’ll Read That” and it was hosted by myself and my editor, Steve Pattee.  The show came about because I don’t watch a ton of horror movies and Steve doesn’t read a ton of horror comics so each episode, he would give me a movie to watch and I’d give him a comic to read.  Then we’d come back and talk about them.  It was a horror movie and comic discussion show so spoilers abound.

What I’m going to play for you today is the pilot episode.  We introduce ourselves, go over the concept of the show, and make our first selections.  It has only previously been heard by me and Steve.  We recorded about four or five of these and then our schedules got insane and we haven’t been able to revisit it.  I still very much want to do the show.  It’s just a matter of finding time for both of us to sit down and do it.  Who knows?  If I ever get around to launching a Patreon for HorrorTalk and Funny Book Splatter, maybe this could be a backer-exclusive monthly show.  

As a heads up, this was recorded a few years ago so we might make some outdated references.  In any case, please do let us know what you think of the show.  Hit me up via email at or on Twitter @JamesFerguson.  Steve can be found on Twitter as @AlienRedrum and of course, you can reach us both as @HorrorTalk on Twitter.  

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